• Everyone presents a blind spot on his emotions, his automatisms, his beliefs which are sometimes limiting. Only an outside look can reveal them and allow alternatives. In other words, we believe, like Albert Einstein, that the way of thinking that has generated a problem will never solve it.


  • Recent evidence in neuroscience proves that everyone creates their reality. We are convinced that everyone can create a reality conducive to their fulfillment. By using Gandhi's terms, you have the capacity to be the change you want to see in the world.


  • We believe that the connection to one's intuitions, emotions, body, and ecosystem and alignment is a powerful way to create, to undertake, to take place in the world in a fluid and constructive way.


It is because we will accompany you in the organization, the project, the strategy and also on your knowledge, your emotions and your intuitions that our approach will be structuring and profound for sustainable results.


  • Benevolence to allow debate, listening and confrontation

  • Humility to prevent from doing for you and put you in charge

  • Pragmatism so that each of your ideas can be realized

  • Joy to allow exchanges and value creation to continue for as long as possible


  • We believe you have the ability to reinvent yourself. That's why we shared our experience, our talents and our passion for supporting people.


  • To give you a taste of our accompaniment, we organize seminars to make you experiment the methods and tools that have been successful for more than 15 years in the organizations we work for.


We have created complementary seminars allowing you to reinvent yourself in a benevolent, secure and confronting environment:


  • The coaching facilitated by horses or dolphins allows a total reconnection with your intuitions, your emotions, your body and your environment.

  • The money seminar allows you to reclaim your projections, develop your identity and reconnect with who you really are.

  • The source person seminar allows you to reconnect with your source of creativity and take your place as a source person for a project or a company.

  • The Vision Seminar allows you to clarify your milestone and shape the path to accomplish it.

  • Systemic mapping allows you to decrypt, understand and modify your system (company, team, family)


  • The "affirm through voice and theater" seminar allows you to develop your ability to be impactful, which is essential to carry out the project you are carrying.


  • Benevolence and respect for people: accompaniment is done with an attitude of deep respect and unconditional acceptance of people, respect for their freedom of thought and decision.

  • Empowerment of people: by relying on the resources of the accompanied people, and in a constant concern for parity, we commit ourselves to lead them towards autonomy at the end of the accompaniment sessions.

  • Confidentiality: what is said during the accompaniment remains confidential and belongs to the accompanied persons. We are committed to an attitude of reserve towards third parties, public or colleagues, regarding information that we can deliver on the trade to avoid any risk of recognition of customers by others. Debriefing to the prescriber(s) of the accompaniment are made within the limits established by and with the accompanied person(s).

  • Professional framework: we only intervene in the strictly professional context of the people and the accompanied teams.

  • Obligation of means: we implement all the means necessary to allow, within the framework of the customer's request, the professional development of the persons and the accompanied teams. The customer remains solely responsible for his decisions.

  • Independence: we maintain ourselves in a position of independence. We reserve the right to terminate the support contract for personal or ethical reasons that would put us at odds with the application of the ethical and methodological rules set out in this proposal.


  • Training, supervision and personal development: we have a training of professional coaches (HEC certification) and we train ourselves continuously to regenerate our practices. We are committed to using our supervision sessions regularly and as soon as the situation requires it. We carry out a continuous personal development work to preserve the accompanying relationship of what belongs to our personal history.


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